the making of…

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These articles from Edge are a huge source of inspiration.  I quite liked the latest one, regarding the making of Everquest.

Sometimes, being naive and enthusiastic and unaware of the dangers may overshadow any difficulties lying around. Sometimes. Not always.


Surpass the leader?

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And the rumours were true.

Microsoft announced today at E3 an extension to the Xbox console that makes it … controller-less. I have no words to describe how excited I am, just look at the video. Skim through the almost-perfect working demo and look at Microsoft’s presentation:
Video 1

Video 2

pixel’s forecasting

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I’ll probably be married with kids until Alan Wake comes out.

Follow the leader

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Another article from Wired serves as an inspiration for this post. Next month, E3 is back with all the glitz and the babes-in-tight-outfit romp. Two years have passed, and I bet lots of people have missed the fun (not to mention the scantily clad models).

One of the rumors is about a motion-sensor controller being introduced from Microsoft and/or Sony. What a surprise! I think Nintendo has already something similar out for the past ahm let me count, three (?) years.
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why games are good for you (a subjectivist’s view)

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Well, I have been thinking about this topic for a few days at least. The first moment it came up was five days ago when I was in the airport. And then I promptly forgot about it.

Today I was having a discussion with a friend – she was confessing to me how she thinks that all these facebook,myspace,bebo etc corrupt the young generation and lead young people to isolation. My honest opinion on that is ‘bollocks’ – technology is amazing, it is up to you how you use it. My topic, however, is not social networking. I got to thinking, how many hours of my life I have spent (happily, I must confess) playing games. Did that turn me into a social recluse? No way, and I do not say this self-consciously.
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Plants vs zombies (or, “Mommy, a zombie ate my begonia”)

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I read about this today on Edge and Wired. I also read the interview of the designer George Fan – he’s at Popcap but he’s also doing stuff for Diablo 3 . How cool is that?

Being curious, I downloaded the trial and I really loved it. If there are games that are slowly breaking this stupid superfluous casual vs hardcore divide, Plants vs Zombies is surely one of them. Continue reading ‘Plants vs zombies (or, “Mommy, a zombie ate my begonia”)’

wishful thinking +1

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Well, I have to confess. I love dystopian games. Oppressed civilisations, robots, nuclear/post-apocalyptic settings. There is nothing like a brisk walk around devastated deserts in the morning.

Before you dismiss me as a person with low sanity points, please consider that I don’t want the world to end tomorrow/or transform to the next Dr. Strangelove. It’s just I find these games nice to play.

I believe the games I like stem from the types of books I like to read. I always enjoyed writers like Poe, Lovecraft, Tolkien, H.W. Wells, Adams, Orwell and numerous other fantasy/sci-fi writers.

Well, I’ve read some excellent books that apart from the fact that they would make a great movie, I think they would be amazing in a game setting.

So start coding, Bethesda!

The books are:

  • Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake / The handmaid’s Tale
  • Orwell’s 1984 (cliche, I know)
  • Joe Abercrombie’s First law books (if you liked the witcher, you’ll love this one, as sarcastic, witty, serious as it gets. Amazing books)
  • The Magician book by Feist although his books follow the classic ‘ good always wins’ pattern. So, on second thought, no Bethesda, don’t do it.